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I work across Sussex, Kent and Surrey teaching lessons in groundwork, flatwork, dressage and jumping. My aim is to develop the partnership between horse and rider in a positive and progressive way.

Lessons build from where you are now to what you would like to achieve.  My focus is on developing the riders’ awareness of their position and how to then be able to make positive changes to how their horse is working, giving you clear explanations and exercises for you to continue to develop between lessons.

Your aspirations may range from being able to enjoy hacking out with confidence, to improving your score in the dressage or show jumping arena.


Groundwork/in hand/lunging

In-hand, groundwork and lunging provide an excellent opportunity to improve your horse's balance both physically and emotionally.  It also allows the rider/handler to develop their understanding of how the horse moves and responds to our body language.  These skills are easily transferred into ridden work. 

Our horse’s facial expressions and behaviour gives us the insight as to how they are feeling.  Whilst on the ground with them, we have a greater opportunity to observe these mannerisms and understand what they are trying to tell us.  This can also easily transfer into our ridden work and can help resolve asymmetries or behaviour problems.


Freelance lessons on your own horse or Amelia schooling your horse/pony at your own yard or hired school.

£55 per hour plus travel*

 *Travel costs will be added for destinations over 10 miles from TN6 2UF (Crowborough) at 45p per mile


Coaching for Confidence and Performance

Confidence as a rider takes time to build but can be lost in an instant.  These emotions are not restricted to humans, but also perceived and communicated to your horse and can affect their confidence in you.

Would you like to develop skills to enable you to:

•             Increase your confidence

•             Contain your competition nerves

•             Improve performance

•             Overcome mental block

•             Improve focus

•             Work on fears and phobias

•             Develop jumping confidence

•             Enjoy hacking out again


Our horses, being flight animals, are extremely astute and receptive towards our emotions and physical behaviours.  When the rider is feeling tense or worried, this then transfers to the horse and can affect their performance and confidence.

To be able to help riders overcome anxieties and confidence problems, I trained in Cognitive Hypnotherapy and NLP qualifying in July 2013.

Understanding the mind-body connection through Cognitive Hypnotherapy can help you to change your perception of a situation, from thinking of it as adversely stressful, to engaging in behaviours and thought patterns that will enable you to view the situation in a positive way.  You will be able to gain more control of your stress response, therefore allowing you to overcome fears and phobias and get the most out of your partnership with your horse.

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Coaching for Confidence
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