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About me....

Amelia Wilbourn
Amelia Wilbourn coaching
Amelia Wilbourn coaching

When asked what I wanted to do with my life it was always to work with horses. 

I progressed through Pony Club and BHS qualifications achieving my BHSII and have taught at both Plumpton and Hadlow College, Pony Cub, Riding Club, and many private clients of all ages and abilities.


1992 was a pivotal year at Waterstock House Training Centre, run by Lars and Diana Sederholm, where I began my passion for teaching.  Lars instilled the importance of balance between horse and rider and in particular the responsibility of the rider to provide a clear physical framework to allow the horse freedom of movement and the ability to perform to their maximum potential. This work provided a fundamental shift in my understanding of not what we teach but, how and why.

To consolidate and further enhance my knowledge of horse and rider partnership, I studied the work of Mary Wanless whom is undoubtedly an expert and renowned author in rider biomechanics and founder of Ride with Your Mind (RWYM™). Mary’s work enabled me to consolidate the “how and why” of riding, and a language to help riders of all levels make positive changes to themselves and their horses.

Working with clients and their horses it was clear to me that physical riding was one element of how a rider rides.  Our thoughts, feelings and previous experiences all add to our mindset and relationship with our horses.  Recognising this, I studied NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) to help riders understand and make changes to their thoughts and feelings, overcome nerves and improve their confidence.

I am often asked what dismounted exercises riders can do to support their riding? Good question! As a qualified Pilates instructor and Biomechanics Coach, I can assess riders’ posture both on and off the horse and give relevant exercises to further support their progress. 


I am currently continuing my learning journey studying as a Personal Trainer with the Neuromechanics Academy.


BHSII (reg),

Cert Ed, D32/33 Assessor award updated to A1

Senior RWYM Biomechanics Coach

Diploma in Cognitive Hypnotherapy

NLP Master Practitioner

Level 3 Mat-work Pilates Coach

Biomechanics Coach

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