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Mechanical Horses

Mechanical Horses Hartfield East Sussex
Mechanical Horses in Hartfield

Based in a purpose-built workshop, I have two life sized mechanical horses, “Sir Trotalot” and “Gallopy”.  Both horses allow the riders to practice and develop their position and riding skills for flatwork, dressage, jumping and fast work, with various speeds at each pace. 


Riders are able to apply new techniques, consolidate learning and enable muscle memory to develop without the added complexity of the horse's behaviour.  As your coach, I can make adjustments and fine tune your position and posture whilst you are in movement. The work is easily transferred to your horse.

A mechanical horse lesson will offer you the unique opportunity to focus on YOU and only YOU, without the worry of what your horse might do as there will be no crisp packets hiding in hedges!  In a warm and dry studio, with full length mirrors, you are able to concentrate solely on your own patterns of movement.

How will a Mechanical Horse session benefit me?  

The benefits of mechanical horse sessions include the development of -

  • Rider confidence

  • Balance and co-ordination

  • An independent seat and core stability

  • Position, framework and symmetry

  • Returning to riding after injury, illness or a long break from riding.


A mechanical horse riding lesson is suitable for anybody who has an interest in horse riding at any level from complete beginners to professional riders of all levels and any discipline.


Sessions are available for individuals or small groups.

Prior to a first lesson, a Workshop Attendee Registration Form will need to be completed to ensure that I have any relevant medical information and emergency contact details.

What should I wear?

You need to be comfortable, so wearing your normal riding clothes is ideal. Close fitting trousers or leggings are also suitable.

The horses have a GP and a Dressage saddle available for you to use. However, it is useful to bring your own saddle so that you can easily transfer your new skills to your own horse.

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