Testimonials from clients who have been helped by Amelia’s mechanical horses.

Not a typical Novice Rider

“Firstly, I am not a typical novice rider in that I’m not that young (50 is a memory) and I’m male. I’ve started to ride because my wife and I own a lovely grey Anglo-Arab mare, Hermione, and I’d like to be able to ride her at some point. I’ve been having conventional riding lessons, but felt that I needed something more. I needed to know how to ride on a horse, as well as how to ride a horse (Mary Wanless talks about having two toolkits) which is where Amelia and her Mechanical Horses come in.

Amelia has two mechanical horses – one for trot and one for canter. These are housed inside in a warm(ish) converted stable block. Testimonials and feedback from mechanical horse sessions
These horses obviously do not spook — but they do have sensors which mean if you get an aid wrong, you’ll get a reward!

The way this works is that Amelia can stand right next to you, so she can talk with you or even pull or push the offending part to the correct position. There are mirrors so you can see exactly what you are doing – right or wrong. The motion of the horse is completely rhythmical so is ideal for practising and memorising movement patterns. This is all done inside, in complete safety.

What this all means for me is that when I get a live horse, I’m able to sit and move in harmony the animal giving him or her an easier time, which means I get the response I’m supposed too.”

Desk bound work life & shortened hamstrings

“Do you find that your 20m circles are great on one rein but distinctly average on the other? Have you thought about having your posture in the saddle checked out ?

Kerry and Amelia have a new service where they will assess you on one of Amelias’ Mechanical Horses. Kerry will then have you undertake some exercises off the horse to validate the assessment. Following further exercises, and a massage, you get back in the saddle – to find that previously stiff or immobile body parts are suddenly freed up and able to move properly.

I found that previous injuries, and a desk bound work life has left me with shortened hamstrings, and a definite imbalance between my right and left legs. Following some remedial massage, and simply being made aware of the imbalance meant that I was much more symmetrical at the end of the session.”

Improving technique

“My horse was struggling a little in his work and so had been receiving chiropractic treatment and acupuncture from my vet. I was also looking into his saddle as a possible factor and through my saddler, met Amelia. Although already receiving instruction with my horse, it was noted that I would benefit from some lessons with Amelia on her mechanical horse. We quickly established that my technique was quite poor but under Amelia’s expert tuition I am improving swiftly! It has made me aware how important it is to receive instruction from someone with Amelia’s level of qualifications and experience in order to really progress. I am certain my horse is benefiting already and she hasn’t even worked with us as a pair yet!”Testimonials and feedback from mechanical horse sessions

Position Precision

“I turned to Amelia for help after I had lost my confidence on a challenging young horse I was hoping to train and keep forever.  My horse went to Jason Webb and his assistant Annie for training before he found his forever home and Amelia worked with me to build my confidence.  I cannot recommend her highly enough. Before I even got on another horse, she strongly advised me to have some lessons on her mechanical horses. I had never tried this method of training before but completely embraced it as it enabled me to become familiar and at ease with the movement of a horse in all paces but in a safe way. Building on from this, I attended one of Amelia and Kerry’s Position Precision workshops. I found this session particularly insightful and certainly beneficial when analysing my riding position on a mechanical horse at halt, walk and trot. I have learnt how the slightest adjustments to my leg position, seat, shoulders, hands and breathing can have such a positive impact on the movement of the horse beneath you. When Amelia felt I had gained enough confidence, she arranged for me to start having lessons on an older and more established mare. These lessons have continued on a weekly basis over several months and I can honestly say, the progress made by both me and the horse I am now riding is remarkable.  Amelia is an instructor who is quiet, calm and exceptionally knowledgeable about the mechanics of a how a horse works and how the correct position of the rider can bring about significant and positive changes. I am so grateful to Amelia for all her hard work and support, without her, I would not have found my confidence again and I certainly would not have been as happy and comfortable in the saddle as I am now.  I cannot recommend her highly enough.”