Mechanical Horses

In addition to coaching riders on their own horses, I have a purpose built workshop housing two mechanical horses. Both simulators allow the rider to practice and develop their position and riding skills for dressage, flat work and jumping. One horse has three speeds of trot and this allows the rider to practice both sitting and rising trot. The second simulator is a canter-gallop simulator with five speeds. Both models allow the rider to develop their position for both flatwork, jumping and fast work.

Mechanical Horses

Work using both horses can be incorporated in each session ensuring the rider practices and achieves their session aims.


Why book a mechanical horse session?

This question is often asked by riders of all abilities. The benefits of mechanical horse sessions are far reached. They include:

  • Developing riding skills while maintaining rider safely
  • Developing rider confidence
  • Developing rider balance and co-ordination
  • Developing an independent seat and core stability
  • Developing rider position, framework and symmetry

In addition to the above, learning new techniques on a mechanical horse also allows learning to become consolidated and muscle memory to develop without the added complexity of the horses behaviour. It also allows the coach to identify and rectify problem areas as the rider is in such close proximity. The skills developed on the mechanical horse can easily be transferred when riding your horse and you can enjoy the results of an improved partnership and understanding.

What types of riders benefit from mechanical horse lessons?

  • Beginners of all ages
  • Children
  • Happy hackers
  • Dressage riders
  • Event riders
  • Show jumpers
  • Returning to riding after injury

Lessons are available on an individual basis or in small groups. Please contact me via the details below for more information.

Prior to a first lesson a Rider registration form will need to be completed to ensure that I have any relevant medical information and emergency contact details.

What should I wear?

You need to be comfortable so wearing your normal riding clothes is ideal. Close fitting trousers or leggings are also suitable.

The horses have a GP and a Dressage saddle available for you to use, however if you would prefer to use your own saddle this is possible.Tell me what you have and I’ll be glad to advise.