About Amelia Wilbourn

About Amelia Wilbourn- history, experience, training,qualifications

About Amelia Wilbourn- history, experience, training, qualifications

My early years were spent in the Eridge Pony Club where I passed my B test. After leaving school I spent a year at Plumpton College where I completed a National Certificate in Horse Management and also studied for my BHS Stage 3. I then continued my training with Mary-Ann Horn, who is a well-known dressage trainer and judge and later progressed to become a qualified BHS Intermediate Instructor.

In 1992 I trained at Waterstock House Training Centre (a well-known eventing and show jumping competition training yard in Oxfordshire) Waterstock Training Centre is run by Lars Sederholm who competed at the Olympics. Waterstock was a place of great inspiration where a lot of top riders came to train under Lars’ critical eye. Riders who have ‘graduated’ from his Training Centre include: David O’Connor, William Fox Pitt, Matt Ryan and Mary King. Here I underwent intensive training in riding and teaching both on the flat and over fences and preparing horses for top level competition.

While under the tuition of Lars, I was specifically impressed by the importance of balance between horse and rider, and in particular, the responsibility of the rider to provide a clear physical framework to allow the horse freedom of movement and the ability to perform to their maximum potential.

Watching Lars teach on a daily basis was an inspiration and I became aware that the same themes and techniques applied to all levels of riders from the novice to the advanced. The critical aspect that ran through all teaching was ensuring the rider achieved and maintained balance and a framework allowing harmony between horse and rider. This understanding is the foundation for all my teaching and I continually strive to apply this to all sessions as an underpinning theory.

To consolidate and further enhance my knowledge of horse and rider partnership, I studied the progressive work of Mary Wanless whom is undoubtedly an expert and renowned author in rider biomechanics and founder of Ride with Your Mind (RWYM™). I applied Mary’s methods and skills to my coaching and this in turn has facilitated me to broaden and to reach out to a wider variety of horse and rider combinations and levels.

Mary’s teaching specialises in identifying the techniques that the talented “natural” riders effortlessly achieve, making this available to riders of all levels. I first started my professional relationship with Mary in 2000 and am now an Accredited Senior RWYM™ Coach and I have regularly co-taught alongside her on ridden courses.

I teach a wide range of riders of all ages and abilities and became interested in how riders’ thoughts and feelings affect their confidence and performance, and so I studied Cognitive Hypnotherapy and NLP at the Quest Institute in London qualifying in June 2013.


BHSII (reg),

Cert Ed, D32/33 Assessor award updated to A1

Senior RWYM Biomechanics Coach

Diploma in Cognitive Hypnotherapy

NLP Master Practitioner

Quest Learning Coach